Whole party: fountain, dangerous assemblies. the prefect, it would have been worse to close the square – lombardia

We must ask people to respect security measures. I hope and hope they don’t increase the counters, but we can say that in two weeks.” So the president of lombardia region, acadelium fountain, commented the assemblies of the interist fans last night in the square of man for the shielded party.

“we hope – it has added fountain – that situations of this kind we have not determined any consequence and hope that in the future we avoid further scenes of this kind because honestly they risk being a little dangerous. “Joy can be understood but I believe that the sense of responsibility must prevail over it: 121,000 dead must have taught us something. The President of the Council of Health and Coordinator of the Technical Committee of France, said to sky tg24.

“all chances of assembling – he added – must be absolutely avoided, including the festivities of the fans of the football team who won the championship”. We have estimated that closing the square of man, wide urban space and with numerous exodus routes, would have inevitably been an occasion for even more dense and risky assemblies, in every respect”. “In front of thirty thousand fans, about ten thousand in the peak in the square of man – adds the prefect sack – do not dare to hidrant, nor does it make sense to transennare a city.

“sala couldn’t let 20,000 fans enter a stadium that contains 80.000, instead of silence and escape? Is what writes on twitter the leader of the league matteo salvini. Immediately the replica of the mayor of Milan, giuseppe hall: “the former Minister of the Interior, Matteo salvini asks: ‘sala couldn’t let 20.00 fans enter a stadium that contains 80.000?’.

And then, as 20,000 fans enter and leave without assemblies.” Room then added to his post on social hashtag #ministropercaso, reported to sages.