Will murdery, at trial with immediate judgment the white brothers and the other two defendants

Will go to trial with immediate rite all the defendants for the murder of willy Monteiro duarte, the 21-year-old colleferro, near roma, killed of cask for trying to make a paciere during an attack in which he was not directly involved. The first hearing for the four defendants, who risk life, is scheduled for 10 June. The four wanted to kill Willy.

In foto: Willy monteiroWilly Monteiro duarte was killed at kicks and fists on the hilltop in the night between 5 and 6 September 2020. In the last interrogation after the change of chief of defendant from pretentious murder to that of voluntary murder, three of the four investigators (pincarelli was absent because in isolation because of the covid) were silent in front of the judge. But the interceptions so far collected would prove the serious responsibilities of all, even the only so far to the domiciles, in the plague cost the life to Willy.

Now it will be the process to give answers to the willy’s family – father, mother and sister – who have all formed a civil part.