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.with hooded hoodsee readings“Inter-Scudetto, we are. Juve, ahead with pirlo also next year. The merit of the Inter or demerits of the juve that has rendered below the potential?

We can say that juventus has made it under expectations, but Inter has done great things.”pirlo to his first experience, a little too much to start with the juve? “Sometimes the vintages that leave badly are difficult to straighten. Pirlo is in the first year but probably the juve needed to breathe.

“If they started with the idea of relying on him at the beginning of the year they had good reasons. I don’t know what sense it might have to stop. If they believed in him, it is right that they should start again.

Let’s not forget that he was chosen for the Under 23 and then he was given the first team. They have to give him the opportunity to express themselves next year.”champions: who will center the fourth place? There are so many points in the mood, there is to wait a bit before giving a judgment.”and the napoli di gattuso?

I don’t think the napoli thought he’d win the shield. Is two points from the champions area, it is still all open. The napoli lived a troubled vintage and missed important players: he did and is doing the championship he had to do.”