Woman killed in aosta, arrested confesses murder – Aosta Valley

Confessed to the murder of elena raluca serban the thirty-six-year-old gabriel fouls, already in prison on the charge of killing the thirty-year-old in an aosta accommodation last Saturday, April 17. According to police and aosta prosecuting the thirty-six-year-old Sardinian, domiciled in nus, had made an appointment with the woman after finding her phone number on a website for escorts. Before the confession, the phone records and video surveillance cameras of the condo were set up.

On the victim were found a swarovski-type earring and a tennis bracelet, apparently in white gold and emeralds. No trace of money or other valuables, such as even phones and electronic devices. On 21 April, when he was arrested, he had been found in possession of more than a thousand euros.

During a two-hour and a quarter interrogation, gabriel fouls, in prison for the murder of raluca serban, told his version of the facts. To the attorney of aosta paolo fortune and to the luca ceccanti e manlio D’Ambrosi, he explained that he reacted aggressively to a woman’s sexual background. She would then hold a knife to threaten him, maybe even slightly in the left arm.

Finally the epilogue in the bathroom, with the victim stabbed at the neck and killed. Frequenting with serban raluca had begun in mid-2020. In the accommodation fouls reported having found an envelope with over six thousand euros.

Here he had come with the idea of reaching the Sardinian, but then he had returned to the valley of Aosta, where the police had arrested him.