Work: good vibe manager, ‘production efficiency +7.5%’ – lombardia

(ansa) – milan, 07 apr – increases decision-making, training and relational efficiency, optimizes the times and methods of working others even during the pandemic, resolves conflict and, above all, makes people feel good in the company. Is the ‘good vibe manager’, a new professional figure that deals with the interaction and functioning of all gears working not only on processes but also on mood, through ironic tones, experiments with gaming and horizontal involvement of the whole company in decision-making processes. The main impact of this efficiency is on cost saving and in the first year of experimentation the increase of efficiency in productivity has been calculated pairs to 7.5%.

His figure is set in a broader value structure that provides for the zeroing of any form of discrimination, equal opportunities for growth for all, transparency on wages and corporate performance.”