World snooker, mark selby in legend with the fourth world title

The world championship is not a snooker tournament like the others. It defines a career for those who win it once and takes it to the Olympus of this sport who wins it several times. Mark selby was already one of the biggest ones having won it te times between 2014 and 2017 but with the fourth triumph, arrived after a tournament played in an amazing way, his stature in the history of snooker becomes that of a titan.

In the second instead made the difference, with the 7-2 partial that gave him that advantage of three that in the end was also the conclusive one. In that frame came in fact the first hundred of his match, to which a half a hundred final to take under two. The last frame of the session thus had a huge specific weight, as it could mean the slightest disadvantage for murphy or the maintenance of the session start +3 for selby.

In the next he was selby to go ahead but he had to play in defense, then murphy took the game in hand but not succeeding to go to the bottom. Selby then won the next with a series from 68 for 16-12 but before the break murphy has shortened the distances. On the return there was a frame that defines the completeness of selby.

In the next two, however, has made initial mistakes that allowed murphy to go on a great progression by making two consecutive hundrednes. But just when it seemed that murphy could come across the unthinkable reassembly, in the frame 33 selby went ahead of 38 except wrong a redhead in the corner. His mistake left the redhead on the hole and from there selby went into cleansing until the concluding black that gave him the frame, match, fourth world title and a place in the snooker goatha.

Still a hundred per selby per frame 30, but it’s not overselby world championthe title is worth 500 thousand pounds, while for murphy there is a cheque of 200 thousand pounds as a defeated finalist. As mentioned, for selby it is the fourth triumph to the crucible, as well as the twentieth full ranking title in career. With four world championships won equals John higgins, to which he is joined the fourth place among the multi-winners also of the tournaments of the so-called triple crown with nine.

Better than them, in the history of modern snooker, only the immense O’Sullivan, hendry and davis. We just have to wait and hope that soon you can return to normal, first of all for everyday life but also for our beloved sport. The only certain thing is that the big snooker will return on TV channels and the eurosport app.

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