Zenga: “Instead of saying you can’t play, we have to wait and be ready”

Waler Zenga, coach of Cagliari, he told Sportweek was close to a return to Inter when he was a player “No one has ever told you before today that I would be able to return. After you put the crusader broken, to Inter I would have been able to make the according to Pagliuca for a year, before joining the company. I spoke with Moratti and Mazzola, I went first to Padua and then to the United States, then returned to Inter as a man image to the tv, and for marketing purposes, but only for a few months. It was a role that never felt like mine.”

The championship will start?
β€œIt is wrong according to me that I have a bias, and the position chosen a priori. These days I hear for the coronavirus things as you can-and should not-play; but would it not be better to say let’s See what happens, but we are there? You will go down in history without a doubt a message better. I’m back in Italy and I will be the coach of Cagliari, I have not lost anything this season despite the suspension. I have already prepared everything, from workouts spaced in the management of the games in July and August.”